What is Elderberry Syrup?

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What people are saying:

I gave Olivia a dose of tincture yesterday afternoon and then again last night and put her to bed. She woke up today like a new person. She has a little cough but otherwise is feeling so much better! She couldn’t even move yesterday. That tincture is magical! I also made sure Andrew and I had some last night to prevent getting anything.
— Andrea (Daniel Island, SC)
The Kombucha has given me more energy, helped my joint pain and stomach issues GONE.
— Jennifer
Good stuff! It helped me with all my stomach issues!
— Rikke
WOW.... This is the most awesome kombucha I’ve tasted!!! So glad I got a bottle!
— Kimberly
I believe my family’s use of your syrup has benefitted us immensely. We’ve all had colds this winter and have recovered in about a day. I was the last to succumb and was absolutely convinced that I had the flu. I started feeling the symptoms and upped the frequency of usage of the syrup to every 4 hours. I kept checking my temperature because of my chills and body aches; certain each time that I had a temperature. I never developed a temperature and the next day, I was a little congested but all other symptoms were gone. Amazing stuff!
— Tiffany (Mt. Pleasant, SC)